RC Video's 2019

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Converting RC 4126 Hand Launch Glider the Cheetah to Radio Control.


I decided to purchase a chuck glider and convert it to RC when I saw the RC 4126 on offer on Takealot.com

In all it took about 8 hours to complete the conversion, here is how I did it and some video of the maiden flight. I was very pleased with the outcome.

Why not give it a go and let me know how you got on.

Next RC project converting a RC Crawler Truck to FPV.

Thanks for watching. Happy Flying. Bye for now.

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Helping Out Father Christmas https://youtu.be/ShPO7JssTiY

Father Christmas need a helping hand but things did not go to plan! Happy Christmas to you all.

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Jumper T16 Not Binding to Frsky V8R4 Receiver
I came across a problem trying to bind my Frsky V8R4 receiver to my Jumper T16. This video explains the answer. If you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and please subscribe to my channel.
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Jumper T16 FrSky Receiver Frequency Adjustment.

I watched a video made by Grayson Hobby about the need to fine tune your Jumper T16 to use FrSky receivers correctly. It got me thinking how am I going to fine tune my Jumper T16 with the very old FrSky V8FR and V8R4 receivers. It was easy..

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Jumper T16 Conversion from Mode 2 to Mode 1
Converting my Jumper T16 from mode 2 to mode 1. The process was not difficult just take your time with the process.
Jumper T16 Mode 1 Conversion.docx
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Clear View RC Simulator https://youtu.be/aS1n1aQR5KY


The Clear View RC Simulator is very reasonably priced and a good option if you are starting out in RC model flying. I stopped flying RC for a few years and came back to the hobby and decided to get a simulator to knock out the cobwebs. The price, November 2019, is $39.95.


Thanks for watching. Happy Flying.

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The Hawk Eye Little Pilot VR Goggles with the Eachine FPV DVR

As shown in one of my previous videos I purchased the Hawk Eye Little Pilot VR goggles which do not have a DVR built in so I purchased the Eachine FPV DVR to use with them. Only problem is the DVR cable supplied with the DVR is a 4 pin jack plug and the goggles use a 3 pin servo style plug.

This video explains the problems I had and how I overcome them.

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Center of Gravity (GC) Model Aircraft Balance Rig

Once you have built or purchased your fixed wing ARFT model aircraft you must make sure you check the (CG) Center of Gravity which is marked on the plan or the wing. This is very important to do correctly or your plane may be impossible to fly! Most people do this with their fingers but I made this simple CG Balance Rig.

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Lovely Day to Fly My RC Plane
Not being able to ride my bike due to resting my knee injury it was such a lovely day I took an hour to go fly and ended up with this video, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making.

I put the Clouds RC plane through its paces doing a few high G spins, a few rolls and high speed climb outs. Tried inverted flight and it was not happy.
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Storing your Lipo Batteries Safely
This short video informs you how I store my lipo batteries after a long time storing them in plastic boxes, that's a no no!

After watching a few YouTube videos I realised I have been storing my lipo batteries in an unsafe way. I went to my local hardware store and found the Armour Steel Box which I use now.

Store your Batteries:
1 Outside if possible
2 In a noncombustible container
3 Away from non combustible materials

When Charging You Lipo Batteries
1 Never leave them unattended when being charged
2 Charge the batteries in a lipo bag
3 Never charge your batteries near combustible materials or on a combustible surface.
4 Be careful to double check you charger settings if using a multi battery type charger.
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Disposal of Lipo Batteries Decommissioning System
Following my Disposal of Lipo Batteries video here is my answer to discharging safely end of life Lipo batteries. Please remember do this outside on a non combustible surface. I used a galvanised bucket which you can but sand in the bottom in case you have a lipo fire.

Items Required:
1 Galvanised Bucket or suitable metal container
1 Piece of 38mm Tubing or to fit your light bulb holder
1 Vehicle Light Bulb Holder
3 Crocodile Clips
Heat Shrink for 38mm Tube
Electrical Wire

Please dispose of batteries sensibly.
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Monks Pool RC Aerial Flight Modderpoort, South Africa
Last weekend friends and I went for brunch at The Monks Pool, Marita and I hiked 5 km's to get there. Was a great morning and I am very pleased with the footage. I hope you enjoy it.

I am flying the plane line of sight, not using FPV Yet.
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Disposal of Lipo Batteries
Getting my RC equipment ready for a flight at Monks Pool, video to follow, I had a problem with the radios battery having low voltage which the Turnigy X9 detected. On checking the individual cells one had dropped well below the safe limit so I decided to decommission the battery for disposal. Here is how I do it.
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RC Canary Trainer Flight Ladybrand Airfield
The date stamp on this video is incorrect it was filmed June 2010 with a very cheap camera from Hobby King. I remember it being the first time I saw what my plane was "seeing" from the air. The Canary full house trainer is a very good RC plane. I run it with a Turnigy SK4250-650Kv motor on a 5 cell pack it's flight time over 9 minutes and I converted it to bolt on wings instead of rubber bands.

it is still flying today in June this year 10 years.
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Clouds RC Plane Not Having A Good Day!
I was having a few problems keeping my Clouds RC plane in the air! Everyone has not so good days!

It did survive and is still flying.
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Clouds RC Plane Flight over Cave Church St. Augustines
Clouds RC Plane Flight over St. Augustines, Modderpoort, Free State, South Africa. The model plane flow over the Cave Church which is still use today for services. Members of the public can visit the Cave Church.

Model plane was flown line of sight.