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Let's Go Ride - Through The Farm

Decided to go on a relaxing ride through a friend’s farm I made a diversion so I could go off road a bit. It’s nice to go on a ride with no time limits so you can enjoy the view. It was a lovely put a smile on your face ride, go on give it ago!

Happy Cycling!

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Let's Go Ride - Microwave Tower Climb Again But 7km Descent.

The evening before this ride I started to get my sports cameras ready to film the 7km microwave tower descent and my apps on my smartphone were not having it! Seems the recent iOS 13 update on my iPhone 6s was not allowing the apps to talk to the cameras which did connect to the WiFi of the phone. Tried everything to sort it out anyone have any ideas? I think it is a compatibility problem between the apps and iOS 13.

Anyway I did the ride it was very overcast but a good ride. If you would like to do this ride please let me know and I will share the GPS coordinates with you.

I can recommend the coffee at the Blubottle café.

Happy Cycling.

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Changing My Scott Sparks Rear Tyre  

My rear tyre needed to be changed after 7500 Km’s of use maybe should have done this a little earlier. I replaced the tyre with the same brand a Chaoyang. I am impressed with these tyres they work well in all conditions and very puncture resistant. I have managed to install these tyres, which are tubeless, with just a normal track pump. Usually you need to use an inflator air pressure tank or an air compressor.

You will see in the video how well my homemade tubeless tyre sealant works.

Chaoyang Links:
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Let’s Go Ride to the Microwave Tower Climb & Descent

I needed to go to town so of cause rode the long way round I came across a Free State traffic jam about 200 sheep and a donkey. I included in my commute the 7 km climb to the microwave tower & descent. If you would like to ride this climb take Voortrekker St. north west out of the town on to the S36

If you do go and ride this route please let me know in the comments section below and if you know the Strava KOM please post in the comments section.

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Riding Flats Again For One Month

August has come and gone and I have completed my month of switching from clipless pedals to flats.

Conclusion? I will stay with clipless pedals for most of my riding I am not riding enough really technical terrain so 100% confident to be clipped in. I will get myself some flat pedal specific shoes in the future and see how it goes. At least I have the choice I can ride flats and clipless with a sense of confidence.

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Going Tubeless My Thoughts

Just my thoughts on going the tubeless tyre route on your bicycle. It is fantastic and you will never look back. There are some hoops to jump through to go tubeless but it is worth the effort to save time on the trail later. I do carry a tube with me on rides just as a backup if I get a sidewall slash in my tyres so I can get home.

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Clipless v Flat Pedals My Thoughts
I switched to clipless pedals sometime ago and in some ways wish I had not. In my opinion they make you into a passenger rather than the pilot! If you are very confident through the technical stuff then clipless will be great but if you are less confident like me and you want to be able to chuck you foot out when necessary. I would even go as far to say clipless pedals make me slower through the technical stuff because I will be more careful.

For road riding they are a no brainer.

I am going to ride one full month on flats only and will report back.
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Lets Go Ride 55 Km nah let's do 70 Km!
Had not riden my bike for a few days so decided to go on a 55 km ride which, as sometimes happens, extended to over 70 km's. It was a cold day but with the right gear I was nice and warm. I really did not pick the best day for a long ride as it was one of the windiest days this year and rode into the wind the last 30 km's.

On the last 5 Km's of the ride my right knee started feeling painful and the last 2 Km to my house is a climb. When I got home my leg was painful to bend. Not sure what happened but Arnica oil and tissue salts number 4 later next morning no pain. I think it was muscle pain and not actually my knee. Will rest my leg for a couple of days before riding my bike again :(
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Oval Narrow Wide Chainrings My Thoughts
In this video I give my thoughts on oval chainrings. I have been using an absoluteBLACK narrow wide oval chainring on my Scott Spark for nearly 3 years and it is still going strong. In my video I left out that I have pedaled over 11,000 km's on the chainring, and I have never dropped a chain once.

I would highly recommend the aboluteBLACK chainrings and I did purchase the chainring with my own money. There is a link below if you would like to purchase one of their products.
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Out &About with the Nevenoe 4K Ultra HD Sports Camera, Review Coming Shortly
I will be publishing a product review of the Nevenoe 4K Ultra HD Sports Camera on Wednesday. I filmed my morning ride with the camera in all its recording resolutions and decided to produce a video of the ride to preview the cameras performance. I will go into detail about the camera and its performance on Wednesday.
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Cycling to the shops, reducing carbon footprint
Video showing the fantastic descent I ride when going the long way round to town. I try as much as possible to use my bicycle for commuting, shopping and going to clients. The short route to town is a 25km round trip but prefer the longer route in my video because of the descent. You also get to see a bit of our town.
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Lovely Morning to Ride - See my home from a distance
Morning sunrise was beautiful but it was very cold. Decided to ride after 8 am once the sun had brought the temperature up. Winter is here in the Eastern Free State and you can see from the video the vegetation is turning brown.
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Join me for a early morning bicycle ride?
I wanted to test my GoPro to see how long it could record it lasted 1 hour 45 minutes. It was such a beautiful morning I decide to use the footage to take you and a morning mountain bike ride with me
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MTB Vodacom Tower Descent, Modderpoort
This great ride is, sorry to say, on private land but I am sure there are great places like this you can ride in your area if you chat to the landowners.

As you can hear! I was puffing and blowing on the climb younger riders than me I am sure would be able to ride up all the way. The view from the top is stunning and worth the effort. Descending you need to be careful to stay on the concrete ledger come off it at speed and you may be in trouble.
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MTB Ride Naval Hill, Bloemfontein, South Africa
This is rather a long video but I wanted to show the complete ride. I did this urban MTB ride in August 2018 was very different to the riding I have where I live in the Free State countryside. It was really enjoyable I was staying at a good friend Axel's house looking after his dogs so rode from his plot into Bloemfontein and then up Naval Hill.

Naval Hill has a nature conservation site at the top, an Observatory and a statue of Nelson Mandela watching over the city. You can skip to 10 minutes 45 seconds to see the statue and fantastic view of Bloemfontein. Note me grabbing the rails I do not like heights!

Luck was on my side and riding round a faster section I came across a Giraffe and proceeded to chat to it! (17 minutes 30 seconds)

Was a memorable day if you get the chance please try the ride out.
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Riding Sani Pass South Africa, Fantatic! :)
Axel and I rode the Sani Pass in South Africa on Saturday 10th. February 2018 It was a fantastic experience and highly recommended you MTB'ers try it before the pass is tarred. Tough but great feeling when you get to the top and then the fun bit coming down!
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Castle in the Free State, yes there is!
Visit the famous Destiny Castle the Jewel of the Eastern Free State Axel and I did and the riding there is great.
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Axel & I riding from the Destiny Castle Eastern Free State!
Axel and I checking out the riding in the Eastern Free State