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Carrots Return!

If you have been watching my channel you would have seen I helped a Dove when it's wing had been clipped and it could not fly. A few weeks later he/she or Carrot flow the "nest". I was both sad and happy but low and behold Carrot visited me yesterday and I was so pleased to see he is alive and going strong.

Thanks for watching.

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Carrot Has Flown The Nest

Just an update of Carrot the dove.

Thanks for watching.

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It's A Doves "Tail"

I was having a cup of coffee on my veranda and a dove was just sitting near to me and did not fly off I realised it had had it's primary feathers cut and could not fly.
After a couple of days it decided to roost in my studio so I found a plastic box for it to sleep in which is easy to clean and it walks into my house when its ready, but not before 3pm!, and goes to bed.
I do not have the heart to stop it because if left outside a predator will find it and eat it! Not under my watch!

Maybe one day it will fly again.

Thanks for watching.

Carrot cannot fly but Happy Flying to you all.

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Happy Out!

This is my version of a Shout Out, if I get good service from a vendor I am going to let you know on my channel and of cause I will report bad service too.

What I did not mention in my video was they promptly replied to all me emails.

Thanks for watching.

Happy flying.

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100 Subscribers ! 

Thank you to all the people who have subscribed to my channel and all who have watched my videos I hope I can keep going and you find my content helpful. Thanks for watching.

Happy Flying.

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Sharing My House with Lizzards 

I just had to share this with you all my two old dogs passed away within 2 months of each other last year one of them Tara was a YouTube star! I then started to notice the lizards where coming into my house and having a look around. Just a few days ago they started to have TripleMAdventures over my furniture! I am not concerned about them coming in my house but just a little concerned the snakes will follow them!

Yes I have had snakes in my house!

Thanks for watching.

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TMA Outtakes 2019

Happy Christmas I hope you are all with your family and friends Christmas Day and do not watch my bloopers video until Boxing Day!

I hope this video makes you laugh it did make me laugh whilst I was making it.

Have a lovely Christmas Day.

Thanks for watching. Happy Cycling.

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Bushman Paintings Revisited
Marita, a friend of mine, and I decided to go explore and see if we could find more bushman paintings at St. Augustines. We did which included a lion and baboons, we also come across a very secluded overhang which has probably not been visited for many years but there was only 1 painting of a antelope but wonderfully preserved that you can see the tail.

There are lots more overhangs to explore so you may yet see another instalment of Bushman Paintings!
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St. Augustines Bushman Paintings Cultural Heritage
The San or Bushmen were indigenous people in Southern Africa who painted what they saw in their surroundings. This video and pictures were taken at St. Augustine’s, Modderpoort, Free State, South Africa.

It is an amazing place for me, being able to be so close to art produced by human being's thousands of years ago. They deserve to be protected by us all you cannot touch the paintings because the oil in our hands could damage them. In my opinion they should be enclosed in fencing so they can still be viewed but not touched. Art is only art if someone is looking at it so not letting people see them, in my opinion, would be wrong with the proviso they need to be preserved for future generations. Over hundreds of years I would think the ones in my video may be lost due to the shifting landscape but I think they will be around for some time.

The current custodians of the paintings told me they have been fully documented in a book.
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Tara Does It Again, TMA's Dancing Queen
My Dachshund Tara really has the moves. Then chases something down a pipe!
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The Sani Pass Marmite Incident!
Back in February 2018 a good friend of mine Axel and I rode our mountain bikes up and down the Sani Pass in South Africa it was a great experience I will not forget. Would recommend it to any cyclist, it is being surfaced with tar now but still will be a challenge! The adventure had a twist in the tale!

See link below to the video of our Sani Pass Adventure.

Would like to give a "Happy Out" to Castle Burn Resort where we stayed and had a great time.
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Tara's Reaction to Number of Likes of Her "Gotta Get That Itch!"
Tara's reaction to when I told her the number of likes of her video!, she is an opinionated Dachshund!

Tara has been with me 13 years is diabetic which caused her to go partially blind. She is a great dog and adapted to her disabilities and a great source of amusement to me.

My Jack Russell Bernard John Bear is completely uninterested in Tara's ranting!
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Gotta Get That Itch
Tara using the lawn as a back scratcher