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Bicycle Frame Stone Protection

I have wanted to protect certain parts of my bike frame from stone strikes for a long time but could not find the 3M product used by other cyclists. When in Bloemfontein I tried again to get the 3M tape from a store called Kloppers but they did not have any but the shop assistant who use to ride a bike, shame get back on it!, suggested  I try Alcolin Silicone self fusing tape. It appears to work but let’s see what happens with time.

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Festive Recycling Brake Disc Rotors

I recently had to change one of my bicycles brake disc rotors and decided to recycle it.

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Recycle Your Old Worn Out Bicycle Chains.

When deciding how to hang my studio pictures I came up with the idea of using old bicycle chains, looks good I think? Will see what other uses I can come up with for my worn out chains you have any ideas? Please post them in the comments section below. I do my best to be environmentally friendly that’s why I ride a bicycle J.

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Topping Up Tubeless Tyre Sealant

The tubeless tyre sealant needed to be checked on my mountain bike and today was the day. I do this by taking off the wheel and shaking it if sealant is present you will hear it sloshing around inside the tyre if not you need to let the pressure out remove the valve core and inject sealant into the tyre. I normally put 60ml of fresh homemade sealant into my tyres. The job only takes a few minutes but saves you a lot of time on the trail.

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Homemade Tubeless Tire Sealant
I do not purchase commercial tubeless tyre sealant for my bicycle but make my own. The last 3 years I have used this recipe to seal my tubeless bicycle tyres and it works great and a lot cheaper than commercial products. I purchased the latex and Propylene Glycol in 2016 and it is still fine and my sealant works out at R56 a Litre! ($3.77!) Commercial sealant in S.A. is around R38.38 for 50ml but you do have a capital outlay in buying bulk raw materials but worth it.

This sealant has been used to seal punctures in my pickup truck and quad bike.

Tubeless Tyre Sealant Recipe:
2 Cups 480 ml Water
1 Cup 240 ml Propylene Glycol
1 Cup 240 ml Liquid Latex
2 tbls Cornmeal
1 tbls Polenta

Let me know if you make your own sealant and how it works.
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Chain quick link engagement without tears!
Every had problems with a chain quick link no wanting to engage easily then it has slipped and you have the scars to show for it! Here is my simple tip for joining your bicycle chain without tears and with happy knuckles.
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Bicycle Chain Waxing
I started using the candle wax method of lubricating my bicycle chains around 2 years ago. I am happy with the results as my chain wear does not seem to have changed from when I bought shop chain lubricants. It is a little time consuming but you do save on having to lubricate your chain every ride and your chain is cleaned every 250 km. In the video I did not mention that I only wax my cross bike every 500 km because I mostly ride on tar roads with my Diverge. Also mud does not seem to stick to the chain but water does seem to have an effect so you may have to wax your chain more often than 250km in wet conditions.

Wax Lube Formula
2 Parts Candle Wax
4 Parts Paraffin Oil
4 Parts Xylene

Melt candles and mix in paraffin oil and Xylene. I use a syringe to apply the wax lube. It may set but put in hot water to melt.

Got the ingredients list from oz cycle see his channel on YouTube would recommend it.
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Getting The Battery Out of Your Speed & Cadence Sensors
I have had a few run in's with my speed & cadence sensors on my bicycles the batteries just do not want to let go! Not wanting to poke a screwdriver in the unit I came up with this idea.
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Bicycle Suspension & Silicone
I have got into the routine of spraying my bicycle suspension stanchions with silicone spray on a regular basis. It helps to make it more difficult for mud and dirt to stick to the suspension and easier to clean. Take particular care around the seals to remove compacted dirt. Take care not to get silicone spray on your brake disc's!

I do the same with the dropper seat post.

Using silicone spray on my suspension has not appeared to have a detrimental effect on the seals and I have been doing this process for sometime.
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Cycling Sudden Knee Pain
Recently I was out on a ride and my left knee started being painful when I returned home I checked the saddle height and it had slipped 2cm.

If you suddenly get pain you never had whilst riding your bicycle please check your bike set up.
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Hydration Pack Flappy Straps
Flappy Straps?
Riding along with straps flapping around on your Camelbak my hints and tips to solve it. Must say neatest way is to sew the straps but insulation tape works nicely.
Star appearance of my dog Bernard John Bear!