Serious Dust Devil!

Photo Gallery

A wise man once said to me "If it wasn't there you would have to invent it" very apt looking at the Eastern Free State

Riding above the clouds in the Eastern Free State, this picture was taken 2 km's from my farm.

Ladybrand : View from the top of the Let’s Go Ride to the Microwave Tower Climb & Descent S36

Grey Primary Bloemfontein Kids, Teacher & Parent visited St. Augustines & I took them MTB'ing

I made a video of me riding the "Vodacom Tower" descent


Sani Pass! was an epic ride for me and my friend Axel

I got a Super Nice on the GMBN for this picture!


Monks Pool a privately owned spot which has an epic climb to get to, I am lucky to have permission to go there. I have an RC video showing the pool from the sky!